»How to«, strength and inspiration with fullest conviction

Thomas Reichart is pursuing a clear objective with all his publications: natural strength and inspiration as well as support in addressing issues and implementing solutions. Each of his publications is a »how to« book with the unique character of inspiration.

Inspired by search for principles

Principles and their underlying algorithms inspire him as an author. Most people focus on tools and methods. However, they change and so do systems as well. What remains are principles. The search for principles is what Thomas Reichart is inspired by and also impacts his way of thinking and acting. Principles are at the core of its books.


Lead Your Life Now

Neue Strategien für Ihren beruflichen und privaten Erfolg

Reichart, T.: Lead Your Life Now, werdewelt Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH, Bicken, 2016

New strategies for personal and private success. This book provides the reader with the tools required to be prepared for chances, opportunities, challenges, crises and difficulties—in professional and private life.

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Live with Intent

creating your future

Reichart, T.; Tomlinson, J.: Live with Intent, Made for Success Pub., USA, Oct. 2017

A joint publication with Justin Tomlinson, in which the two authors use their own deep experience as consultants and life management experts to create a roadmap for personal and professional reinvention.Available from October 2017.

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Die besten Ideen für erfolgreiche Führung

Erfolgreiche Speaker verraten ihre besten Konzepte und geben Impulse für die Praxis

Seiwert, L. (Ed.): Die besten Ideen für erfolgreiche Führung, GABAL, Offenbach, Germany, 2014

Thomas Reichart describes the influence of leadership with respect to sustainability under the heading »CEO-Impact—das Vermächtnis« in one chapter of this German Speakers Association Series book.

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