Creating new concepts—adding value

Thomas Reichart has built up, managed and launched companies internationally. He has implemented projects of different sizes and led hundreds of employees. Implementation competence has been, and will continue to be, his highest priority in all his projects. He embodies »The Power of Effectiveness«.

Successful initiator of start-ups

As an entrepreneur, Thomas Reichart finds it fascinating to initiate and accompany start-ups or strategic initiatives in large companies and lead them to success. Because this is where he can move things ahead, take action, implement. He strongly believes in founding teams and advances them to a professional level.

Agility in the implementation

Thomas Reichart sees his role as founder as a sort of implementation lab characterized by a high level of agility: In this lab, he tests and implements all concepts he teaches in consulting and coaching sessions. He analyzes, internalizes and inspires with a strong focus on progress and implementation. There is no other »physical state« in which the VUCA conditions are more tangible than in the daily life of a start-up. »your time is now!«


  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Composition
  • Launch, implementation and roll-out of strategic initiatives