The European Mr. Effectiveness for the top management

The top executive level is the most powerful lever for inspiring change. It forms the effectiveness hub in a company. Thomas Reichart is regarded as the "European Mr. Effectiveness with global reach" for the top management—having essential expertise to guarantee effectiveness on the organizational and management levels.

More than 20 years of experience at the top level

Thomas Reichart infuses effectiveness into leadership development and change processes—in a quality which is seldom observed among consultants. He elegantly reconciles complementary consulting with systemic development—with an excellent effect on the results of his clients.

Power in the implementation

Thomas Reichart's unique work in the top management area is characterized by fast and goal-oriented implementation instead of long speeches. In an absolutely inspiring manner, he brings new strength and helps to achieve results speaking for themselves.


  • Expert Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Keynotes
  • Team and Project Facilitation


Systemic Consultant/Facilitator Profile