This is an engaging book, full of distilled wisdom, presented in a warm and personal manner. Every reader will find a nugget that will elevate their life.

Jack Zenger CEO of Zenger Folkman, best-selling author of Speed: How Leaders Accelerate Successful Execution

In order to create a life of meaning and impact resonant with the volatile and uncertain times in which we live, leaders must embark on an earnest journey of self-insight and self-awareness. Thomas Reichart has expertly and elegantly uncovered universal, human principles that help make this endeavor not only real, but also enthralling. With specific exercises and clear guidelines, the author offers a rich path to personal mastery, fulfillment, resilience and leadership. This book contains much-needed wisdom for those who embrace growth at any age.

Michael Chavez CEO, Duke Corporate Education

We live in a world that is "demanding by design". It changes at a very fast pace and as leaders, we can not take advantage of new opportunities or resolve existing challenges based on the current way of thinking. Thomas has created a book that portraits 12 principles that will serve as the foundation for a transformational journey. This book will become a reference for any one that will like to leave a mark in his/her life, being at a personal and/or professional level. I have worked with Thomas in difference times in my carreer and have the privilege to see real time, how the principles described in this book transform people lives. So yes, change, fulfilment and success, are all possible. By reading this book you have a wonderful chance to expand you horizons and to create your life.

Alvaro Soto Sub Regional Head LATAM, Roche Pharmaceuticals

Having worked with Thomas during the 1990s, I know that he is a maverick with big, bold ideas. His talent is to go deep inside companies and add serious value. If you seek to discover who you are and where you want to go, and if you desire to develop personal and team effectiveness, I recommend you dive deep into this book. Be bold; question the unexamined assumptions in your life; and emerge a more powerful you!

Stephen M. R. Covey The New York Times bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust

Having served four U.S. Presidents and numerous international commerce entities, in numerous assignments around the world, I have seen first hand the value of helping people develop principle-centered lives. Until now, the remarkable work of Thomas has been limited to those who have had the privilege of working directly with him. I am pleased to see that through Lead Your Life NOW, anyone can now access his insights for living more purposeful and productive lives. How I wish that individual contributors, institutions and commerces around the world would embrace and live these principles - that would make all the difference. It would make our world more stable, more reliable in bringing people and purpose into the center of all of our lives.

Ambassador Gregory John Newell Former Ambassador to Sweden of the United States of America, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, Special Assistant in the White House to the President and Director of Presidential Appointments

I got to know Thomas Reichart as a highly experienced coach and inspiring teacher in several seminars and management off-sites for the Allianz Group. His credo of 'You are the CEO of your life' and 'Life is short' has also become the maxim for my own and more conscious way of life. With this book, Thomas Reichart summarizes these principles in a very descriptive and practice-oriented way.

Dr. Thomas Schraml Director, Allianz SE