The Power of Effectiveness

Thomas Reichart receives orders worldwide for consulting, coaching and speaking at top executive level. He enthusiastically passes on knowledge and expertise and is deeply involved in the conception and implementation of projects.

The entrepreneur

Thomas Reichart is an entrepreneur with all his heart who pursues one objective in everything he does: initiating implementation. He uses his »Power of Effectiveness« to pass on his competence to all those who are just as open to personal development as he himself is. His credo: your time is now!

The implementation professional

  • Are you interested in systemic business consulting for managing change? Are you looking for the right mixture of expert consulting and process consulting?
  • Do you place great emphasis on more than 20 years of operative, strategic and consulting experience in major international companies?
  • Are an ability to build rapport with your executives, a well-founded systemic framework and a consistent application of common sense important to you?
  • Are you looking for a professional and captivating keynote speaker—experienced in large group events with up to 8,000 participants, and this for more than 10 years?
  • Is an implementation professional, an international top executive consultant and trainer, who takes it for granted to pass on competence and implementation to junior executives, at the very top of your search list?

The European Mr. Effectiveness with global reach

In all his actions, Thomas Reichart impresses with: »The Power of Effectiveness«


Thomas strongly believes that children are our true treasures. He has two sons and one daughter, who were all seriously ill. Surely, this was his biggest challenge in life. Having coped with and overcome crises and challenges can be a great blessing. Thomas Reichart is inspired by the attitude and professional education of medical doctors as well as of pilots. For him, it is fascinating to see how a medical doctor drives several hours with his car to get to a hospital and performs a surgical operation with excellence at 7 o'clock in the morning. He would like to see this attitude in organizations: prepared, motivated, dedicated.


Thomas Reichart—having been shaped by airfields and the aviation company of his parents since the age of 10 and being a private pilot since he was 14—has experienced early in his life what it means to take on responsibility. His qualifications and certifications are well beyond standard. Thus, he is certified to fly gliders, engine-powered planes, high-performance aircraft and has ratings for high-altitude flying as well as for operating turbine powered aircraft and pressurized aircraft.

Once in the air, he powers up, is completely in »his element« and highly focused. Thomas would like to see the professionalism of pilots—or of medical doctors—in companies as well: It is therefore quite incomprehensible to him that the responsibility for the management of companies is not valued and implemented in the same way.

He skillfully combines the principles of flying with management and leadership—especially in volatile, uncertain and dynamic times as in today's VUCA environment. As a keynote speaker, he likes to draw parallels to flying: Whether »an unstable flight condition« is caused in an area of responsibility depends on how the pilot, i.e. the person responsible, reacts and pilots during the various phases of a flight.