Conveying a message, inspiring, extending the horizon

Thomas Reichart's deep and genuine enthusiasm for »leadership« and »effectiveness« becomes clearly evident when he is on stage. He conveys new concepts, inspires and extends the horizon and perspective of his audience.

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  • Executives conference
  • Closed meeting
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  • Townhall meeting
  • Kick-off event
  • Roadshow
  • In-house exhibition
  • Association meeting
  • Sales event
  • Annual meeting
  • Strategic initiative
  • Strategy meeting
  • Product launch
  • among others

Lecture topics:

Lead Your Life Now

Neue Strategien für Ihren beruflichen und privaten Erfolg

Be inspired by solution-oriented energy and power for increased efficiency and productivity. Turn limiting life patterns and external circumstances into energetic gifts empowering your professional success. Discover a new and fresh approach to dealing with other people and improving relationships.

Live with Intent

Creating your future

Is there anyone who does not have the desire to reinvent himself on a personal and private level? In his book, Thomas Reichart shows in an authentic, approachable and convincing manner what has helped him become as successful as he is now.

Digital Transformation for Leaders

In our day-to-day life, we frequently struggle with the often difficult interface between analog and digital working methods. Thomas Reichart explains how to surf the digital wave. The pragmatic access makes the difference—not only theoretically, but also physically using a laptop.


Shaping Management and Leadership

Everybody has their own software in their heads in order to shape management and leadership. But we often fail in our daily struggle of implementation. Here you are provided with the necessary tools to implement quality, professionalism and especially structured behavior in exceptional situations, also in practice.


Increase your own Observation

Situation analysis is important. However, it is also important to lift the eyes up from the stony road and to look at the horizon. Perhaps a new objective should be targeted? Thomas Reichart helps you to determine your position, your path and your desirable horizon.


Keynote Speaker Profile

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